no mercy.


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exo and shinee biased

why minho
why sehun


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Red Velvet

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the anti-fan comments about red velvet make me ashamed for f(x) fans out there….smdh



regarding f(x)’s situation.

I’m sorry, but I’ve been browsing through the tags and people are saying various groups have went through promotions with one of their members absent due to physical injuries. Please take note: physical injuries.

Sulli’s case is different. I know every idol…

Sehun booty got me feeling some type of way.

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140717 Airport - Incheon to Shanghai
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is anyone else scared cause his iphone isn’t in a case or nah?

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SM Rookies from Thailand and Japan.
Aight SME, I see you getting diverse

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Myungsoo’s interpretation of Paradise lyric

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