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exo and shinee biased

why minho
why sehun


exo/shinee requests?


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gonna slowly do them to destress as school starts again 

(emphasis on slowly)

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shinee’s manager oppa…. why

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come away with me.

raw fashion style. 

People said that I resembled a dinosaur, and when I take a look at myself, I do think that I resemble a dinosaur a bit. (Laugh) Since I was a kid, I always thought that I have a unique looks. But recently people have been telling me that looking unique is a charming thing. Hearing people saying that kind of thing, I think my thought about my looks has changed a little bit.” — Woobin (for vivian)

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Oh won’t you come into my head? I just wanna have you with me up in my head.

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shinee in 2013

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Replay (slow version)

SHINee ⋅

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I love this so freaking much 

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Some people have been asking for my URL (choiminhos) and although I don’t post much as of now this URL and blog still holds a lot of meaning to me.
I don’t think I will be giving it up anytime soon but if I ever do I will let you all know!

Hopefully I will be posting more soon though, once real life settles down.

Thank you so much for all of those people who keep following me though! <3 
I’ll be back soon!
If anyone wants to update me with recent kpop things too I definitely would not be opposed to that haha

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forever 12.

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