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exo and shinee biased

why minho
why sehun


Q: Charms of dancing?

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the height difference…. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

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goodbye sanity TT_TT

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K-pop fans before 2014


After 2014 ends


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do not edit ✧ syugotenshi

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We just want to let you know, that we love you too. 

inspired by this (x)

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Even though they are already grown up, seeing Suju go through life milestones is so heartwarming :D
The group that got me into KPop and look how far they’ve come. 

So excited and happy for Sungmin

BREAKING: Sungmin confirms marriage in heartfelt letter to fans



News of Super Junior Sungmin tying the knot with music actress and CF model Kim Saeun have quickly spread, though with conflicting reports. In the latest update, Super Junior’s Sungmin has confirmed his wedding plans to Kim Saeun.

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So happy for him :D

the other 4 being dorks during key’s solo

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when baekhyun saw ‘EXO’ written on a student’s desk.

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Key sharing his microphone to Minho then notice he already has one.. x))

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In honor of the cold weather here in chicago…


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