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exo and shinee biased

why minho
why sehun


Sehun booty got me feeling some type of way.

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140717 Airport - Incheon to Shanghai
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is anyone else scared cause his iphone isn’t in a case or nah?

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SM Rookies from Thailand and Japan.
Aight SME, I see you getting diverse

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Myungsoo’s interpretation of Paradise lyric

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Hello this is Baekhyun. Even though this is very late.. I am leaving this message because I want to apologize for the pain and disappointment that I have given the fans.

Even though I’ve written, erased, and rewritten this many times, I felt that the number of excuses that I would be making would increase so I didn’t feel brave enough to reveal how I felt or to explain any misunderstandings.. Now that I think about it I feel that my words could have been meaningless.. and I thought I might regret my words in case they caused more pain so even now I am worried and I have a lot on my mind.. But I want to convey what I sincerely feel so I am writing this message.

I am so sorry for hurting our precious fans. I also want to apologize for all the misunderstandings that formed within this.

I don’t want our fans…to hurt anymore..Even though I lack so much, I will work hard to slowly become closer to all of our fans..

To me, EXO is an extremely precious name. I want to say that I have never said that I treat EXO lightly.

From now on, I will become EXO’s Baekhyun who works hard on stage and off.

I hope that you take this message as sincere..

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Call me crazy, but I believe that “EXO Baekhyun“‘s happiness should never proceed that of actual Baekhyun…

As long as he’s happy then we should all be happy! 

kyungsoo does this thing where he smirks before he smiles and it is frustrating 

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